See and buy art? Here are some answers on frequently asked questions

Red dot, green dot?

A frequently asked question is about the meaning of the dots. A red dot means the art work is sold, a green dot says this works of art is in option. Works in an edition can have more red dots, lihe litho’s and sculptures.

Rode stip, groene stip

Art advice

Renovation plans, a new house or another interior? Let us think freely with you about the possibilities to integrate art. A beautiful work of art or a special collection is a personal added value which we gladly help to express optimally. Take advantage of our years of experience in the placement of art.

Galerie Honingen Gouda

An option

You have seen a beautiful work of art, but need some extra time to make sure this piece is the right one for you? Honingen Gallery will be pleased to give you an option, meaning this work is reserved without obligation for a couple of days.

Commissioned art

Do you have specific wishes or ideas for a commissioned work, for example a portrait of your children, your pet or just an exclusive edition as a promotional gift? Galerie Honingen offers you various possibilities for having a work of art commissioned. Inquire about the possibilities.

commissioned art

Tax benefits when buying art for business

There a tax benefits when buying art for business. VAT tax can be deductible and there can be an investment allowance.

Interest-free art sale arrangement

You have seen a beautiful painting? Honingen will make it easy for you and offers the possibility to pay your art purchase in interest-free installments. You pay a deposit of a third part at first, the rest will be in monthly terms. Of course you can immediately enjoy your work of art after the first deposit.

Art at sight ?

Doubting if a work of art will fit into your home ? Of course we would like to show you 1 (or more) artworks at your home. This is entirely without obligation but offers you the guarantee that you make the right choice.

Kunst thuis in gouda