Bart Somers

“A sheet of iron, like a coin, lies in front of a large hydraulic press and my cutting torch. Just the empty, white canvas of a painter or the blank sheet of paper from a writer. I light the cutting torch and my fantasy slowly transitions into reality. Every time I have the feeling, as if it is the most normal thing in the world, that I can put that unruly iron on my hand. Patiently I work towards the end result. I model with the forging hammer and paint with my cutting torch. It is pure love for the material. Nice to see how iron can take on organic forms. The softness of a horse nose can have. If you go with your hand over the buttocks of my zebra you feel the curves of a firm ass. At the end of the day the form has gained from the iron. My energy, my blood, the sweat and the tears have become the image. “