View and buy art

View and buy art?

Here you will find answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Red dot, green dot?

We are regularly asked what those red and green dots next to a work of art mean. Well now; a red dot means ‘sold’, and a green dot means the artwork is ‘in option’. For works of art in an edition, such as a lithograph or a bronze sculpture, several red dots are possible.

Interest-free art purchase scheme

Beautiful artwork seen; custom purchase. Galerie Honingen likes to make it easy for you and offers you the option of paying for your art purchase in instalments. The arrangement is as follows: down payment 1/3, the remaining amount is divided into a number of interest-free monthly installments in consultation with you. Of course you can immediately enjoy your art purchase after the down payment.

Art advice

Renovation plans, a new house or a different interior? Let us think along with you without obligation about the possibilities of seamlessly integrating art or making it stand out beautifully. A beautiful work of art or a special collection is a personal added value that we are happy to help bring out to the fullest. Benefit from our many years of experience in placing art.

Commissioned art

Do you have specific wishes or ideas for a commissioned work of art, for example a portrait of your children, your pet or an exclusive edition as a promotional gift? Galerie Honingen offers you various options for commissioning a work of art. Inquire about the possibilities.

Art in option

Seen a beautiful work of art, but still think about it? That is possible, Galerie Honingen is happy to grant you an option. This means that we reserve a work of art for you without obligation. You can sleep peacefully on it, but you do have the guarantee that the work of art will not be sold to someone else in the meantime.

Beautiful artwork seen, but what is it like at home?

Of course we are happy to show 1 (or more) works of art at your home. This is completely without obligation, but offers you the guarantee that you will make a well-considered choice.

Buy business art

Art in your office or company is of course not only enjoyable at your workplace, but also fiscally attractive. Naturally, the VAT on a work of art is deductible for business purposes. The VAT on art is in principle 9%, with an exception of 21% for some works of art. Art is seen in business as an asset that you can simply write off. In addition, the 28% extra investment deduction also applies to investments in art. Of course we are happy to explain things to you personally. Contact John Stel: 06 – 24 63 81 00. And/or inquire about the possibilities with your own accountant.