Gouda | Historical City

Candles, sirop waffles, and of course Gouda Cheese is well known all over the world. Gouda is a atmospheric 1000 years old town with history and culture with 70.000 inhabitants. Famous monuments are the gothic Town Hall, The Sint-Janskerk with its 123 meters the longest church in The Netherlands. The church is famous for its stained glasses, some date back tot the 16th century. The centre of Gouda knows many other monuments, intimate canals and streets, good restaurants, terraces and a lot of shops. In short: come and explore Gouda!

Town hall

The city hall (Stadhuis) in Gouda is one of the oldest gothic City Hall in the Netherlands and was built in 1450. It is located at the main square of the city, the Markt, and is one of the best known monuments of Gouda. The interior dates from the 17th and 18th century. On one side of the Stadhuis, there is a carillon which chimes every half hour and at the same time, mechanical puppets depict the ceremony in which Gouda was granted city rights in 1278.


One of the many monuments in Gouda, the “Jeruzalemkapel”.

Het tolhuis

Het tolhuis is a national monument located in Gouda. Around the fourteenth century, the toll house was moved from Moordrecht to Gouda.

Parking in Gouda

Parking suggested at P “Klein Amerika”, “Q park Nieuwe Markt” or “Bolwerk” all are only a few minutes walk from the gallery.

Lange Tiendeweg Gouda

Visit Honingen Gallery at Lange Tiendeweg 40 in Gouda.

De Visbanken

‘De Visbanken’ is a national monument in Gouda. These are two covered galleries from 1588 on the Gouwe. Fish used to be cleaned and sold at ‘De Visbanken’.

Mill “De roode leeuw”

The mill De Roode Leeuw is a corn mill. This is one of the oldest corn mills in our country. The mill was built in 1727. The mill is located in Gouda.